About Us

What is a Program Agency?
The program agency is established in Article 30, Section 3003-A: EMS Program Agencies. Based on needs identified by the regional emergency medical services councils, an EMS program agency may be responsible for facilitating quality improvement of emergency medical care within its region, staffing the regional emergency medical advisory committees provided for in section three thousand four-a of this article, providing prehospital education programs approved by the department, and other activities to support and facilitate regional emergency medical services systems. 

What services does LPCCN provide?
One of our main goals is to develop and provide high-quality education to the providers of the Region. We collect the PCRs screening them for state-specific data. Services can obtain PCRs, protocols, and other various materials from us. We are also an instrumental part of developing the quality assessment/quality improvement program in the Region. We also are a reference for providers and leaders regarding EMS systems.

Meet the People of the Program Agency:



Charlotte Crawford 
CEO / Director 
(585) 345-6110 

Robert McCartin
EMS Program Coordinator
Off: (585) 345-6110
Cell: (585) 409-0768

Our team is dedicated to providing EMS guidance to Niagara, Orleans, and Genesee counties.