AEMT Transitioning

AEMT Transition FAQ's for the WREMAC

**Must be Completed by June 30th, 2015**
  1. Does a Paramedic or Critical Care Agency need to obtain WREMAC approval to utilize AEMTs? 
    No. Simply ensure your AEMTs complete all steps outline in #4 below. 
  2. What does an Intermediate Agency need to do to utilize AEMTs? 
    Submit to your program agency a letter of intent, on company letterhead, requesting approval as an AEMT agency. This letter must be signed by your medical director and the chief officer of your agency. Once you verify the letter has been received by your program agency, your agency is approved by the WREMAC as an AEMT agency. You do not need to wait for the next WREMAC meeting. 
  3. What does a BLS agency need to do to utilize AEMT's? 
    This requires the complete change in level of care process, including approval by the WREMAC at a scheduled meeting. Complete a WREMAC change in level of care application. 
  4. What does an individual AEMT need to do to go online? 
    In order to practice at the AEMT level an individual provider must: 
    1. Have a current NYS AEMT certification (not EMT-I) 
    2. Attend a protocol in-service or watch the on-line video 
    3. Pass the online WREMAC AEMT protocol exam 
    4. Be a member of an AEMT, CC or Paramedic agency & be approved by your agency/medical director to practice as an AEMT 
    5. Complete a Provider Privilege Application and file with your EMS program agency. 
  5. Who can perform a WREMAC protocol in-service? 
    A protocol in-service may be conducted by your medical director or any WREMAC physician. Providers may choose to watch the on-line video rather than attend a “live” in-service. Regardless of whether you attend a “live” in-service or watch the on-line video, ALL AEMTs must successfully pass the on-line AEMT protocol exam (see # 8 below). 
  6. Where can I find the schedule of live in-serves, the online in-serve video and protocol test? 
    These resources will be posted on and/or disseminated by your medical director or EMS program agency. 
  7. When can an agency/individual begin to utilize the AEMT level of care? 
    After the agency is recognized by the WREMAC as an AEMT agency and the provider(s) have completed the elements outlined in #4 above. 
  8. How many chances do I have to pass the AEMT protocol exam? 
    The protocol exam will lock for a provider after 2 failures. An agency medical director may approve a provider's test be unlocked for 2 additional attempts.
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