BLS Blood Glucometry

The New York State Emergency Medical Advisory Committee (SEMAC) has approved the use of glucometers and nebulized albuterol by Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) who are employees/volunteers of an EMS agency (i.e. ambulance service, ALS-FR, BLS-FR). The SEMAC approval was granted with the specific condition that the EMS agency wishing to use a glucometer or nebulized albuterol, be granted approval by the Regional Emergency Medical Advisory Committee (REMAC), that each EMT from that EMS agency complete a REMAC approved training program, and that the EMS agency be granted a Limited Service Laboratory Registration (for blood glucometry only).

The purpose of this policy is to explain the approval process for EMS agencies wishing to implement a nebulized albuterol and/or blood glucometry program.
  • Prehospital blood sugar evaluation is intended to assist in the recognition of hypoglycemia and improve the speed with which proper treatment is received.
  • Nebulized albuterol, when administered under the Statewide BLS Adult and Pediatric Treatment Protocols has been shown to decrease respiratory distress in patients between one and sixty-five years of age who are experiencing an exacerbation of their previously diagnosed asthma.
New York State Public Health Law requires that any EMS agency testing blood glucose, whether by electronic glucometer or chemstrip, be required to possess a Limited Service Laboratory Registration.

Volunteer ambulance services as defined in Article 30 of the Public Health Law and operated under Section 209-B of the General Municipal Law shall be exempt from the requirement to pay the $200.00 application fee. Volunteer ambulance services seeking a fee waiver must submit a copy of the most recent Application for EMS Operating Certificate, form DOH-206 that was filed with the Bureau of EMS, as well as a copy of your current EMS Operating Certificate. The document may be obtained through the Bureau of EMS Central Office Operations Unit at 518-402-0996, or through the Bureau of EMS website at:

In order to determine your eligibility for the waived fee you must include a copy of the DOH-206 application for EMS Operating Certificate that would have been filed with the Bureau of EMS. Note: Please submit to the Clinical Laboratory Evaluation Program by mail only (with your registration application fee). Duplicate submissions received via fax or e-mail will be discarded.

Application and Instructions for Limited Services Laboratory Certificate:

Send your forms to:
Attn: BLS Blood Glucometry
Lake Plains Community Care Network, Inc.
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