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New York State Department of Health Bureau of EMS, Western Regional Office Contacts:
  • Edward L. Mager
    Deputy Chief
    584 Delaware Avenue
    Buffalo, New York 14202
    Phone: (716)847-4391
    Fax: (716)847-4661
  • Donald Trzepacz
    Dist Chief/Investigator
    584 Delaware Avenue
    Buffalo, New York 14202
    Phone: (716)847-4391
    Fax: (716)847-4661
  • Shawntee Jackson
    Administrative Asst. 
    584 Delaware Avenue
    Buffalo, New York 14202
    Phone: (716)847-4391
    Fax: (716)847-4661
The Bureau of EMS is responsible for the general oversight of the EMS system statewide. The bureau provides both financial and staff support to the State and Regional EMS Council and coordinates and develops contracts with the EMS Program Agencies to assist in the development of local EMS systems. It also approves all EMT certification courses and assists in development of curricula, as well as county EMS plans supported by state aid, conducts examinations and issue individual EMT certification, and administers the state aid program that provides free training leading to certification. The bureau also maintains a pre-hospital care data information system for use in evaluating the quality of the system, administers the trauma programs, designates of trauma centers and a Trauma Registry utilized for QI purposes. Other responsibilities include approving and manage a variety of legislatively and federally funded EMS grants, issuing agency certifications, conducting periodic inspections of ambulance services and investigations of complaints regarding the conduct of certified providers or services.

To understand what Lake Plains does as a program agency its important to know how program agencies fit into the big picture of the New York State EMS system. The following illustration may help you to see how the different components interact.

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Some of the components that make up New York State EMS are:

State EMS Council (SEMSCO)

The State EMS Council, SEMSCO, helps the Department in providing leadership, developing rules and regulations, and general guidelines for the EMS system The council is made up of representatives from the 18 Regional Councils and 15 representatives appointed by the commissioner from various organizations and with interest in the EMS community. SEMSCO has three meetings a year in Albany and these meetings are open to the public are webcast live and archived online. For more information on SEMSCO see Section 3002 of Article 30. There are several sub-committees of SEMSCO:

  • Budget
  • Education and Training
  • EMS Systems
  • Evaluation /QI
  • Legislative
  • Public Information, Education and Relations
  • State Emergency Medical Advisory Committee (SEMAC) : SEMAC is responsible for recommending to SEMSCO minimum standards for medical control,treatment, triage and transportation.
Subcommittees for the SEMAC are:
  • Protocol
  • Quality Improvement

Big Lakes Regional Council

There are 18 Regional EMS Councils in New York state each comprised of representatives from local ambulance services, physicians, nurses, hospitals and other EMS Organizations. The County EMS Coordinator serves as an ex-official member of REMSCO. The primary function of the REMSCO is to encourage and facilitate regional cooperation and organization of local EMS systems. The REMSCO is the local provider’s direct link to SEMSCO and the Bureau of EMS.The council's regional authority and responsibilities are outlined in Section 3003 of Article 30. The Regional Council is your immediate connection to the state EMS council and to the department.

Western Regional EMS Committee (WREMAC)

There are currently 14 Regional Emergency Medical Advisory Committees statewide whose Role is to facilitate local medical direction, and guide the development of regional EMS systems. REMAC has the authority to develop policies and procedures; develop triage, treatment and transportation protocol consistent with those of SEMAC; and address specific local issues.Their authority and responsibilities are outlined in Section 3004-a of Article 30.

Lake Plains EMS Program Agency

There are currently 19 EMS Program Agencies in New York. The department funds these agencies to assist Regional EMS Councils and the Department of Health in developing regional EMS systems. These organizations have no specific statutory authority and were created to provide professional and clerical staff to implement and support the REMSCO’s and REMAC’s and provide day to day continuity to the evolution of the regional EMS system. These organizations and their role is described in Section 3003-a of Article 30.